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Decorating with wallpaper..

Choosing wallpaper and furnishings for your home is great fun, but also a little challenging. Often you have a pretty clear idea of ​​what colours, patterns and furniture you like, but once you start making your furnishing ideas a reality, it gets a little tougher. What colours go together? Will my furniture match or do I have to buy new furniture? Maybe you recognise yourself here? Familjetapeter.se’s mission is to help you get around these obstacles by offering you the widest possible selection of wallpaper decor. If there is more to choose from, shouldn’t that give you more decorating ideas? We hope and believe it will, anyway. In addition to giving you everything you need to find the right wallpaper, we also want to offer you a really nice price. Everyone should have the chance to create a pleasant and harmonious home, regardless of how thick their wallet is.

If you, like most other people, are not an expert on wallpapering, we can give you all the useful tips you need to make wallpapering easier. If you are still unsure, then surely you have a construction worker in your circle of friends or a handy grandfather? It is worth pointing out that many of today’s wallpapers are the so-called EasyUp or QuickUp type, making it significantly easier to wallpaper. Even for us laymen!

Wallpaper for large and small houses

In our ever-growing selection, you will always find wallpapers from famous brands and wallpaper designers based in Sweden or other parts of Europe. In our online store you will find a complete assortment from the top Swedish wallpaper brands such as Boråstapeter, ECO, Sandberg, Duro, Midbec, Majvillan, Lim & Handtryck and hopefully many more to come.

Wallpaper for your favourite room

The new favourite room to wallpaper is undoubtedly the nursery. Never before have we seen children’s rooms as stylish as they are now. We think it’s fun, and welcome the quality of wallpapers and patterns that can be found these days. With a little good will, most wallpapers will actually work great as children’s wallpaper, as they are easy to wipe off and often made of durable materials. If we get to pick for ourselves, then clearly the child should get to help pick out the wallpaper. It’s more fun that way!

Easy to find your favourite wallpaper

As an extra to simplify your wallpaper purchase, we have introduced several new features to make your search easier. With our smart search functions and filters, you can find everything from the colours you’re interested in to patterns and even the wallpaper manufacturer’s product number. Give it a try and search for terms you want to see examples of. In the unlikely event that you do not find the wallpaper collection you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us so we can try to solve your problem to the best of our ability.


We welcome you to our haven of wallpaper and patterns and hope you find what you’re looking for. Shopping with us is both fun and affordable and we hope our new site conveys just that. If, like us, you love wallpaper and furnishings, we look forward to helping you make the best purchase possible!